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There is a 19 month old kid in my class and she loves it when I read books to her. One of her favorite books that we have is only 4 pages long. The entire story is, “Singing all together, Running round and round, Bouncy bouncy on the bed, All fall down.” with illustrations of babies doing these things. It’s not a terribly complicated plot. She’ll bring me this book and have me read it and when I finish and say, “The End.” she looks at me, tears fill her eyes and she starts shaking her head and going, “NO! More!” When I try and explain to her that there is no more, the story is done, there are no more pages to read, she will fall to the floor sobbing, signing “more” and “please” and it is so heartbreaking. Girl, you are going to write SO MUCH FANFICTION when you are older.



The internet changed the outernet. Removing the anti-homeless spikes

I think it was radical Black and Asian socialists using direct action in their neighborhoods/cities that changed this. 

London Black Revolutionaries claim responsibility for pouring concrete on anti-homeless spikes

Don’t let the media hide the fact that this was direct action by the dispossessed (in this case working class Black and Asian, mainly immigrants, people in England) fighting for other dispossessed people.



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Like when Donna’s temp work saved the world in Journey’s End. Fastest typer in her town. 100 words per minute. Seemingly useless but not in Journey’s End. Once again, she proved to be the most important woman in the universe. Where are those story lines Moffat?

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